Monday, February 25, 2013

Apple doesnt fall far from the Geek

So about 2 weeks ago Apple dropped the price on many new Macbook pro 13inches with the more vivid retina display found in the popular iphone/ipad simply because they were not selling.

Now my speculation is that now the good folks over at Apple inc are gaining market share in computers on Windows (roughly 90%:5%) they are expanding outside of the cultlike following they have amassed into customers more concerned with value over associated prestige that comes with ownership. While Apple computers are great machines, from a Value standpoint they really dont satisfy as much as the pricetag would lead you to believe. Hell next time you see a Mac fanatic ask them why they want(ed) one and most will typically say "Macs cant get viruses." (which is false by the way).

Customers now are cinching their belts and when going to buy a $1600 Mac vs an equivalent PC to suit/exceed their needs is a third of the cost they are left asking.. What am i getting extra? Is it truly worth 3 of my computers? Cant i get a PC, with virus protection and hardware warranty but still have plenty leftover for Microsoft Office, and accessories im gonna need? Wheres the Value?

Im no psychic, but i foresee more attempts at Apple making less expensive hardware because to be honest, they will not be able to compete amongst the plethora of similar devices on the market that are making leaps and bounds technologically while Apple gives you lackluster innovation such as SIRI the cyber friend.

Roll wit the tide or get rolled over Apple, maybe you should step back into your comfort zone and not play wit the big kids.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Android Done For?

So while researching some stuff as I was designing a flash based site for Beasthood Inc I ran into some issues with availability on mobile devices. Of course everyone knows Adobe Flash, the vibrant coding engine that makes animation and gameplay on our favorite websites function, was only reserved for full computers... that is, until Google came alone with the Android system and took over as the only mobile device capable of running it. This seemingly small addition is the reason Android soared into relevance and why many overlooked its choppy usability and horrid battery life. But now, with the release of the newest OS, Android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich), for some odd reason Adobe has this up stating they will no longer support them. This means the very high end graphics processors and coding capability that made Android a viable competitor to the Apple ipad and iPhone devices has ceased to exist for future development. With HTML5 its only possible replacement being YEARS away from being standard, what will keep Android afloat? Its a cold world out in these tech streets, every android device out now just simultaneously became "old". As of now "certified" devices will still be supported for the Adobe Flash install (which sounds like corporate code for "those who pay us kickbacks"), so expect your full computer browsing experience to get worse and worse as time goes on. R.I.P. Android, twas a good run.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What’s the Difference: Memory Cards & Prices


I’m sure by now you’ve got a digital camera, tablet, phone, camcorder etc etc etc that probably uses SD/SDHC cards but you probably don’t understand why there are so many different types of memory cards and what the point is of buying anything besides the very cheapest one for your needs… well let me make it simpler for you so that you not get the cheapest card, but the best value for your usage.



This refers to the size of the memory card and how many pictures/videos/data it can hold. Typical sizes on the market will range from 4Gigabytes to 128Gigabytes doubling in size with each increase (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128). This will determine how much it will take to fill up the card before you need to empty it off to a secondary device.




Just so you better understand what your needs may be the symbols got from Kilobytes(KB) to Megabytes(MB) to Gigabytes(GB) (1024KB = 1MB, 1024MB = 1GB). This way you can make a basic determination of what the minimum size you want to have is based off what you are using it in.



This an area that most people have NO IDEA about and is probably the most important in a practical sense for people dealing with cameras/camcorders and they don’t even realize it. The speed of the memory card refers to the Read/Write capabilities, in laymen's terms, how fast the information can be created and/or accessed. lower speeds will actually slow the performance of you device which has to slow down because it gets backed up during use.


ex. You ever took a photo with your camera or cellphone and had to wait 2 - 3 seconds in between each picture? in most cases its not the camera itself but the memory card that’s the problem. When you take a photo/video or even save something to the memory card, if the card itself is too slow, the device has to slow down to account for it. amazingly simple right? I know.


The simplified manner in which to determine the speed of the memory card is called the Class which is notated on the card itself with a small number within a circle (Typically ranging from Class 2 and Class 10).



Now while getting the highest speed is the fastest, keep in mind the device you have, Technically faster and actually faster are not one in the same. A typical smartphone needs nothing more than a Class 2/4 speed while a digital camera should be no less than 4 if its more than 8Megapixels. For any device taking Hi-definition video or SLR camera should be Class 6 or 10 to ensure optimal use and speed.


So hopefully this has made it a tad bit simpler to understand the dozens of differences between the options available at the store. Make sure you aren't just getting the cheapest option, but the most valuable to suit your needs.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

You Should Never Pay Full Price For...


Blank Media / Flash Memory


Blank CDs, DVDs, Thumb drives, Camera & Phone Memory Cards are ALWAYS on sale at some Local retailer, these items are high in markup and frequently used as an ad item to get people in the store just so the sales people a chance to convince them they need other high profit items. If you find the odd time frame where its not on sale at any local retailer, wait 7 days and I guarantee you it will be again shortly.

The only real exception to this is specialty stuff like encrypted flash drives, Brand specific Memory Cards (Olympus xD, Sony ProDuo), Lightscribe, Printable, Dual Layer, Rewritable CD/DVD's, and Blu-ray discs. Those will rarely be on sale because they are simply not widely used by comparison.



Retail Printers & Ink


In this day and age many people are choosing to do their own business card printing and marketing material from their home or small business office to save money in the long run. Ink & Toner will be a HUGE part of the cost but to counteract that make sure you get a Valuable, not cheap, printer. All-in-one Printers nowadays start as low as $75 and ink will run at least $40 so keep that in mind when making your purchase. Be on the lookout for bundle pricing with Ink and Printers, Store Brand ink, and in store free Store Membership Scan Cards which give you cash back for purchasing ink and Paper products (which also send out weekly coupons) on items such as these.

When selecting a printer make sure you choose from ones available everywhere (HP, Epson, Canon, Lexmark) the more readily available, the more aggressive competitive pricing will exist for the product. (On average HP will have the best pricing on both Hardware and Ink and coupons sent because they are the largest vendor in the category)



Windows Computers


Desktops & Laptops for the most part are sold below store cost, stores make money on the extras (Software, accessories, protection plans etc.) So in the age of Wal-Mart's and Online Vendors like make sure you aren't even paying MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price) for them. This info can be found on their websites, but a simple check of major features (Screen size, Processor, RAM) at local stores is sufficient enough info. Most retailers have new ads every Sunday so grab one from each place and compare like products to find the average price, then purchase the one below that that you like.

Shopping, like anything else, requires some logic thought behind your actions. By doing due diligence instead of buying on impulse you can save yourself tons of money and buyers remorse thinking you didn't get the best deal. Also, keep a look out for stores clearance specials because they have SEVERE mark downs because the goal isn't to make money on those items, but to get them out of the way to make room for new items.

Happy Shopping

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Money Saving Tips: PC Tune Up Software


Tune Up Utilities

People often do not realize that Windows-based computers require maintenance to keep they running at optimal speeds. Much like a vehicle needs oil changes to run properly a car needs to be flushed and cleaned out to ensure longevity. A software I have personally use is called “Tune Up Utilities” This software is very simple for even the non-technical of users and works on 3 computers for the very low price of $29.99. A Tune Up in a local retailer will cost you about $70 each where as this software will keep your computer running smoother daily for as long as you own it.

Tune Up utilities will ask you basic questions in a practical way about how you use your computer then configure itself accordingly to make the most of your hardware so that it runs as best as possible. A great software that doesn’t require a subscription and will save you at least $70 a year while keeping your Desktop or Notebook PC running at top speeds.


Check your local stock here

Monday, August 8, 2011

Money Saving Tips: Microsoft Office Alternate

Corel OfficeMicrosoft Office Home & Student, (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) $120 for the single user or $150 for 3 User edition. is a quite expensive program that many people use on a daily basis, especial College students and business professionals. While the program is very well worth it the price tag may be a deterrent for those on a budget. Corel has a long standing name in software development and has designed a very compatible Office Suite software up to 58% lower than its Microsoft counterpart.

Now while this software is not 100% compatible, it is a great alternative with it’s one and three user editions ($50 & $100 respectively). Find this at your local Office Supply store such as Office Depot, Staples etc. and get your productivity up to par

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Money Saving PC Virus Removal Tips



Typical Virus Removal Cost $199(per computer), my charge $75(per computer), this Solution, $39.99(for up to 3 computers with 1 year subscription including Anti-virus and 24x7 Tech Support), Interested?

I'm sure you've had one before, matter of fact if you are using a free anti-virus program right now I'm sure you probably have some malware on there right now. Don't feel like paying north of $170 to fix the problem or Having to Restore your entire computer losing all your data and Programs? Well, you're welcome.




Step 1) Anti-Virus

AVG Anti-Virus 3 User AVG has been making names for itself in the Tech World for some time now with its limited version of Anti-Virus called AVGfree available on but the paid version gives you so much more features that's its pretty much nonsense not to use it to clean Viruses off your computer. With this $39.99 software, available of or locally at Office Depot, you can actually install on up to 3 computers to protect for 1 year. So grab it even if you only have 1 because you can share or sell the other 2 licenses with friends/family to split the cost. Its as simple as Installing, following on screen prompts(being sure to be connected to high speed internet), and then running a full system scan. Be advised this 1st step alone will take hours to complete, I recommend letting it run overnight or during a time frame you do not need your PC at all.



Step 2) Malware Removal

malwarebytesNow normally this would be a first step since the free version of MalwareBytes is not an Anti-Virus per say, but more of a removal tool. Sounds confusing but the idea is that typical Anti-Virus programs prevent infection, not cure it. This software is actually free and, believe it or not, used by your local retailers in those $200 services, insane right? Install, update and run a full system scan with this software after AVG has completed. Again this can take a while so let it run as long as needed without interruption.

There is a paid version called Malwarebytes Pro that acts as both a remover and anti-virus if you wish to do that instead of AVG, but it does run $24.95 for 1 PC (multi-licensing discounts available) for Download only, having a disc will run an additional $9.95.



Step 3) Correct Registry Errors


This may sound funny, but it actually stands for "Crap Cleaner". Now I don't entirely understand why Microsoft does it this way, but there's a Slew of trash on your computer that you don't, have never, and will never use. But it's there, causing performance issues on your computer from within hidden folders you didn't even know existed. Now in all fairness you yourself have probably caused some of these issues downloading free programs and not uninstalling them properly, or the developer themselves didn't know how to write it all the way accurately and sometimes even windows updates themselves can cause issues. Mainly because people blindly install whatever's there without reading. All updates for windows are not all updates you need. Learning which ones you need is a time consuming process that most don't want to do learn, so just pay someone else to handle it at least once a year, its called an "Optimization" or "PC Tune-Up" at most locations. With Ccleaner (another free program) it will actually clear out a ton of junk files, temp files, internet histories and even fixes Registry Errors(main cause of crashes and performance issues).

Download CCleaner free here



Well, there you have it. If you simply do not have the $200 to spend getting your computer fixed correctly this is a Band-Aid that you can put on it to better the problem. Keep in mind though that this solution is make shift, there is still a large degree of computer expertise needed to fix the problem. Viruses are not all the same and this solution will only ensure most of the software issue is mended. This solution does not take into account that your virus issue could've damaged your hardware as well. Also variables will more than likely come up because these programs scan what could be viruses and will catch normal files necessary to run your programs that utilize the same format. By now you may be thinking... that $200 ain't so bad. You're right, you aren't paying for a product when you get a virus removed, you are paying for the expertise of getting the job done right.

But just in case though we offer remote and mail in service internationally if you need it done correctly for an affordable price (include city/state/country and Problem experiencing).


12x12 b&w

Android Battery Life Extender Tips by @ChicagoKing

Droids are 1/3 of the leading smart phones next to the Blackberry & the iPhone. The problem most people have with Droids are the battery life. Here i will give you a few tips on making your battery life last MUCH longer


1) Download a Task Killer



Android phones run "background apps". Applications that will run even after you think you have closed them. The best Task Killer is "Advanced Task Killer”. Make sure you download the one with the BLUE CROSS on the Android logo. Once you download it, the logo will remain on screen. When you pull your screen down it'll say "Ongoing Apps".


Now open the app > hit the menu button > go to settings > scroll to auto kill & set it to "Aggressive" > Click on Auto Kill Frequency and set it to your preference. "Every Half hour" would be your best bet.

Another good option would be to set the Advanced Task Killer as a widget on your phone screen. This way every time you tap on the widget it kills all the background apps instantly.


2) Mobile Data

To get on the web or use apps that require the internet (Facebook, twitter, dictionary) you have to have access to the internet. Whether it be the phones mobile network or Wi-Fi. Now the phones mobile internet consumes A LOT of battery life. A simple fix to this is to turn the mobile network off when you're not using an app that needs Internet, or when your phone is locked etc.

There are 2 ways to do this. You can hit you menu button > settings > wireless & networks > and look for the Mobile network box Uncheck the box to turn off your mobile internet. Another way is to add the mobile network widget on your screen somewhere. Hold down on your screen > add widget > settings > mobile network

Now all you have to do is click the mobile network widget & BAM mobile network is off. Also turning off your mobile network will not interfere with you getting calls or receiving texts, so don’t worry. Now if you are at home or somewhere with access to Wi-Fi CONNECT IT AND TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE NETWORK. This is extremely helpful, especially if you don’t have unlimited data. Using your own Wi-Fi does not contribute to data used on your phone plans data consumption.


Follow these instructions & your battery life will last you just fine. And as a side note , it doesn’t hurt to get a second battery with an external charger. Ebay is your friend

*Some versions of Android will require slightly different steps to the menu option available above*

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Must Have Apps: ArcMedia - Player Extraordinaire




You ever been sent a video from a Pretty Young Thang Droppin it like its hot on her Webcam for you and you can't play it on your phone at work because it was saved in Windows Media Video format? Oh, Just me? Well...


Either way, Windows Media Video is pretty annoying because its optimized for Windows Operating System/Phones and I feel Microsoft wants to keep it that way in a feeble attempt to keep their mobile devices relevant in the mass market. Usually when you try to play these files on a Blackberry device you will only get Audio, on Android and Apple mobile devices it won't even open and play. Luckily though, for you horn toads, the ArcMedia app available in the Android Market for free will do the job just fine. In some cases it will buffer and you lose up to a few seconds on the start and ending of the video, but at least it shows.


For you non Freaks, this application actually includes a streaming and download function for videos on major websites in mp4 and even flv which includes Facebook & YouTube so you don't have to wait for that slow buffer, you can actually download your favorite vids and take them on the go now to be viewed with no internet connection at all. Great for Plane rides and road trips where you may not always have a signal.

The free version of this app does have a few advertisements but they are not intrusive to me at all, but there is an ad free version for a one time fee of $3.26 if you are so inclined to do so. Clink the Picture below to get the free version to test out for now.




Monday, August 1, 2011

Must Have Apps: Shop Savvy - Scan & Save Cash




My first step into Extreme Couponing (because I'm not about that Clip n Save Life) is Shop Savvy. At first glance its a simple Barcode scanning app that will allow you to use your phones camera and internet connection to find the price of random items further making associates in the workplace expendable (which is kinda scary in the long run) but it goes a step further to actually check all local and internet prices of that same UPC so that you can genuinely see if you are getting the best available price on a Product.

Now of course when checking the local prices keep in mind these are not guaranteed and are based off other peoples scans and editing of Pricing data so the app will not count as price verification. Also before dashing out to drive 5 miles down the road to save 20cents check to see if the store you're in has a Price Match Guarantee so you won't have to bother (You will still need to find it on the company website to verify). If the item you are seeking is something you don't need immediately and you are trying to save a few bucks the Online sites are almost always cheaper but they do also need to be shipped and that cost is not included in the scan. So Happy Shopping Folks, Go save some Cash.




The App even goes further to give you exclusive online and local deals on Products along with Reviews on Products you have scanned so that you can make informed decisions.



SP32-20110731-185436                                                           SP32-20110731-185436


For some reason the Android App seems to get more Local results than the free Apple one, but for $1.99 you can upgrade to the Premium version which I’m sure is more functional. Evil Geniuses, smh.